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Who am I and how did I even get to the point where I am creating a business page? The who is easy, I am Nicole Hedlund a born and raised Delco girl! My husband and I are proud parents to 4 kids; Charlie, Ava, Carter, and Edie, who are all part of the reason why I am here, but we will get to that later. Along with the four kids, we have a house full of animals who definitely add to the chaos, literally, our Great Dane’s middle name is Chaos! Like I’ve always said, I thrive in chaos. In addition to my home life, I have a full-time job running a veterinary hospital. With all of this going on you would think I would “be in charge” of some aspects of my life, right? Wrong! My husband and I have a great marriage, but lets be honest, marriage is about compromise. I don’t always get to call the shots nor do I always get what I want, although Matt may disagree with that. When it comes to the kids I stand NO chance of being in charge, those tiny humans run my life! Between shuttling them to dance, friends house, being a short-order cook, reading “just one more” book, doing a silly dance at bedtime, playing sick so they can be the doctor and poke my with their fake yet still painful needles, (you get the idea)... they run my life. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn't want it any other way, but man are these kids demanding.

I have always had a love for crafting and making things. I got it from my mama who has always enjoyed being creative (#JeansDaughter). My mother has always been very crafty and that is something she has shared and encouraged in me and my sisters. I’ve always been a DIYer but it wasn’t until recently when the cost of getting all the kid’s personalized shirts, holiday/seasonal decor or customized cups got too high (that compromising with the husband thing coming back around) that I stopped and said: “Wait, why don’ t I just learn how to do this myself?” That is exactly what I did! I started working on heat transfer vinyl projects first, making shirts for my own kids, then my niece, and then some friends. Not only did it come easily to me but it also became some much needed “me time” for myself. So then I decided to venture out a little more and try adhesive vinyl projects, seasonal decor (artificial pumpkins, Thanksgiving plate chargers, Christmas ornaments), wine glasses, mugs, water bottles, and wooden signs. I started to realize the possibilities were endless! As my friend’s joke, my motto was, and still is #ICanVinylThat There hasn’t been anything I wasn’t willing to try to customize or personalize for someone. It truly brings me joy to make things for others that they themselves are going to enjoy, or maybe they are giving it as a gift to put a smile on someone else’s face, but whatever the case may be, it has been rewarding to see these requests to make things take off. So, it only seems natural to take the next step and share my love and passion for creating things with others.

Enter HBIC, Head Beauty In Crafting! With crafting, I get to be in charge of the beautiful things I am creating and I get to share these things with you! I get to work alongside you to create exactly what it is that you are looking for. No request has been too crazy, too big or too small for me to tackle- remember I thrive in chaos! I look forward to hearing what ideas you have and how I can help create them for you, and to where this new adventure will take me.


Nicole Hedlund

Head Beauty In Crafting

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